Get a Life Chloe Brown

I never tire of reading cute romances with characters who fit each other perfectly. After reading this story, I could not help but smile to myself in complete satisfaction. Talia Hibbert delivered humor, romance, personal growth, and an abundance of witty repartee in this enemies-to-lovers story marking the first novel in the Brown Sisters series.

Chloe Brown has recently moved out of her parent’s mansion and into her own apartment. The building superintendent, Redford Morgan, an attractive handyman with long hair and tattoos, gets along with everyone but Chloe due to her seemingly superior attitude. However, this does not stop her from spying and watching him create beautiful paintings at night. Chloe creates a “Get a Life” list to inspire to her to live a less inhibited life. Riding a motorcycle, having a drunken night out, and camping sound like simple enough tasks, but she is unsure of how to get them done. She soon decides a certain handyman might be the perfect person to help her. Red agrees to take her out of comfort zone not realizing that she would also bring him out of his own.

Hibbert explores the different facets of the main characters and lets readers discover who they are through their thoughts and interactions with each other. Redford’s characterization as a physically intimidating “manly man” or biker was a sharp contrast to his sensitive and caring personality. This is most evident when the focus was turned to his artwork, beautiful creations he was uncomfortable sharing with others. Chloe appeared to be judgmental and pretentious, but she had her own clever sense of sarcasm and used it to hide her fear of vulnerability. She liked to pretend she did not care about anyone, but was very perceptive and considerate of Red’s feelings. Her list was more than a series of tasks and desires, but a chance to rediscover herself after a life-altering experience.

Hibbert notes at the beginning of the book that this story touches on an abusive relationship and handled the topic with sensitivity, giving it the seriousness it deserved. While the discussion of the physical abuse was only brief in the story, the character was processing the emotional effects this relationship had on them throughout the novel.

Get a Life, Chloe Brown is a charming novel because of the undeniable connection between Chloe and Redford. Although there was an obviously passionate physical attraction between them, Hibbert solidifies their emotional chemistry through their conversations and the time they spend together. I recommend this story for readers interested in contemporary romance, humor, and multidimensional characters.

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