When They See Us

I remember watching the preview for this short series when it first appeared on Netflix. It immediately sparked my interest and I eagerly awaited its release. What I didn’t realize at the time, was that this is a true story. I had never heard of the Central Park Five. When I did a little research, I was saddened by what I had read. The lives of five young men were completely changed by a wrongful conviction of the brutal rape and beating of a 28-year-old investment banker who had been attacked while jogging in the park in April 1989. From what I’ve read, this looked like an extreme case of “wrong place, wrong time” combined with racial profiling.

Before getting into the series, I read a recently published article citing that prosecutor, Linda Fairstein, has denied the men’s innocence for decades. This is all despite the evidence and confession by the man who was confirmed to have committed the horrendous crime. This article made me even more curious of how they were convicted and her role in the process.

Check the blog this week for reviews/recaps of the episodes! I will warn you that there will most likely be spoilers in the posts. If you truly don’t want to have the show spoiled before you get a chance to watch it, hold off on reading the posts.