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Why Kalief Browder and the Central Park 5 are important

As I watched and recapped When They See Us, someone told me to look at The Kalief Browder Story. It took me a little time to watch and do some research on Kalief Browder and his story. I was not at all familiar with it and wanted to have a good grasp on what happened. After…

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When They See Us- Conclusion

It only seemed right to give my concluding thoughts of the four-part film after giving my opening thoughts at the beginning. I really didn’t expect to be so emotional while watching this. My heart wanted this to be a fictional story, but my mind knew that this was real. I cried because it was real.…

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When They See Us- Part 4

******** Spoiler ******** This is a detailed recap of the final part of the film. If you intend to watch Part 4 and do not want to see spoilers, read this after seeing the film.  Recap In Part 3, there was very little information on what had happened to Korey. This final part fills in…

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Wild Women and the Blues

Denny S. Bryce transports readers back in time to the Roaring Twenties in her new novel, Wild Women and the Blues. The past and present collide for a suspenseful story full of booze, jazz, crime, and discovery. In 2015, Sawyer Hayes is a young film student whose thesis on the 1920s filmmaker, Oscar Micheaux, was…

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Get a Life Chloe Brown

I never tire of reading cute romances with characters who fit each other perfectly. After reading this story, I could not help but smile to myself in complete satisfaction. Talia Hibbert delivered humor, romance, personal growth, and an abundance of witty repartee in this enemies-to-lovers story marking the first novel in the Brown Sisters series.…

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The Dating Plan

There are few things more relaxing to me than sitting down with a blanket and a new romance novel. After years of reading romance, I’ve seen many themes in the genre. While the themes may be the same, I love to see how the characters or style of writing is different. Sara Desai has quickly…

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